At the vanguard of interior fit-out design for over 17 years, Proescen has workshops, equipment and the team necessary to complete any fit-out project with the Proescen quality commitment.

Our company

We’re a multi-disciplinary fabrication and interior fit-out company that combines different trades and materials, producing and integrating all sorts of unique spaces and elements of commercial interior design for different sectors, such as hotels, shops, museums or exhibitions.


We have 3000 m2 of specific workshops for the fabrication of natural acrylic stone, metal, wood, plastic, electricity, electronics, upholstery, etc., and we offer both industrial and artistic finishes.
Our facilities are fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, certified in accordance with current code.

The team

We’re a group of dedicated professionals, highly qualified and experienced, achieving an exceptional result even under limited production times.

Artistic bonus

The multiple options offered by scenographic sculpture, modelling and painting are a bonus that not only amplifies the creative possibilities of your designs but is decisive in the final result of our production. Our scenographic origins underlie the care we imbue in the final product.

Origin and evolution

During our first decade of existence we focused in the world of museum and exhibition design. In 2008, we increased our line of work to include commercial retail with projects such as the World Duty Free airport shops. This collaboration has taken us to airports all around Spain and beyond its borders.

Proescen quality

The Proescen signature is synonymous with quality in the production of its designs, also offering a wide range of fabrication possibilities for bespoke complex and delicate elements, with complete reliability and guarantee of standards.


As a LG HI-Macs certified workshop, our Natural Acrylic Stone line of work offers an excellent material for a multitude of elements that include incredible possibilities for forms and finishes, both for furniture and decorative elements, walls, façades, ceilings, etc.


Our collaboration with Acciona APD in the Kuwait National Museum and the Boris Yeltsin Museum in Ekaterinburg (Russia).

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