Proescen boasts 3000 m2 of fully equipped workshops including state-of-the-art tools and machinery, arranged by specialty:
Management and design

Administration area with offices and a large boardroom.

Hi-Macs continuous surfaces

Saws, CNC cutting, sublimation screen furnace and thermo-forming membrane vacuum press.


CNC cutting, sliding table saw, Labra, Tupi and press.


Bridge crane, folding machine, shear, automatic punching machine, bending machine, plasma cutting machine, arc welding machine, electrode, Tig and sanding machines.


Vinyl cutter plotter and plastic milling, paint booth.


Upholstery, sewing machines and hand-held machinery.

Electricity and electronics

Electricity and electronics, hand-held machinery.

Warehouse for materials and finished products

Large space conditioned to store a range of elements from the different productions.

Each workshop can work autonomously on a project from beginning to end, starting with blueprint reading and finishing with the fit-out of the completed piece.
All our workshops operate in close collaboration, under the supervision of our technical director and the different area managers to optimise the merging of the different trades.

This impeccable organisational structure is particularly suitable for pieces comprised of different materials, resolving the assembly system and ensuring the perfect correspondence between the different elements.